19 October 2010

A Pictorial Review

Allow me to introduce you to some stand out moments of my fall break:

 meet the cheerful tidings from some of my favorite people
 meet Elinor, who enjoys movie musicals, german chocolate cake, and long walks in the park
 meet airport dinner
 meet the 1201 lb hog
 meet Elsie, the Borden milk cow herself
 meet Fletcher's corny dogs, the best in the entire galaxy
 meet Big Tex, who must've come down with laryngitis this year
 meet all kinds of heaven served in a paper tray
 meet East Texas at its best

Add to this list: family, friends, church, Mexican food, cowboy hats, old movies, Project Runway, pets, crafting, and I think you'll get a pretty good idea of how I spent my fall break.

Oh! Cruel Reality, with your homework, warm refrigerators, fickle TV tuners, quizzes/tests, MARTA stations, and dirty laundry - you've come to quickly.

P.S. Go Rangers!

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