30 November 2010

I Goht Blistah's on Me Fingah's!

Only I would choose the busiest time of the year - Hell Week, Dead Week, Finals - to add yet another activity to my schedule. As of last week, I've been going to GT Crew practices. Wicked, right? I've never had any experience whatsoever with rowing. I figure there's no place like college to try new things. Apparently, it's a sport tailored to tall folk like myself. As an added bonus, and if you know anything about me this is an extra major super grande selling point, running is not required. Since it's the off season practices aren't too demanding of time, but so far Monday nights have been leaving me with aching muscles, sweaty socks, and blistered hands. You had better watch your back, Freshman Fifteen.

Ten points to anyone who can guess what movie the title references.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1.12.10

    What is Yes Man?

    (and no, I absolutely totally did NOT utilize Google to come to such a conclusion................[I'm lying])