22 December 2010


Well, I've been planning a cute and clever "Home is..." + a list of some of what home has been this holiday post, but a certain Madi beat me to the punch. It must be because our minds both ride the indigo wavelength. Without further ado, my no longer original idea:

Home is...
-Mexican food every other meal
-Carving pumpkins at Christmastime with friends who feel like family
-Christmas in Dallas
-Movies, movies, movies
-Walking the dog
-Alternately laughing and crying througout the entire voyage of the Dawn Treader because of gross discrepancies with the book
-Mother/daughter dates with best friends
-Hot chocolate parties with my tenistas
-Crafting at all hours
-Errand running
-Hairdressers who know more of my family's schedule than I do
-Trying out new recipes
-Best friends playing Kingdom Hearts for hours upon hours
-A perpetual state of eating
-Watching musicals, notably Newsies for the umpteenth time and South Pacific
-Oh, and much more that I can't think of just now

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