13 December 2010

Recommended Reading

I finished reading same kind of different as me today. It took me all of three days, and that included massive hauls of studying in between chapters. I was supposed to read it a long time ago, having had it recommended to me over and over, but that little contrarian inside took over and refused to budge the book from its place on the shelf. (Yes, this does happen quite often.)

Now, after having read it, I am so glad that I did. Powerful and moving, the story grips you and does not let go. The incredible faith of the principle subjects knocks you off your rocker and leaves you inspired. Perhaps, though, the thing I respect most about this book is that never once was I made to feel guilty for what I have. So often, radical Christians preach guilt and shame to the haves, garnering only superficial giving for the have-nots. True, honest, giving comes from the heart, not from shame. God has blessed us not that we may spurn His blessing, but that we may use it to bless others.

"So in a way, we is all homeless - just workin our way toward home."

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