05 December 2010


It has happened. I have officially swapped roommates. After hearing that we were having similar roommate experiences, Grace and I decided to make a switch. And I am so glad that we did. It's only been a few days, but we've already shopped for and put up Christmas decorations, shared food and tag-teamed the Publix, and compared Facebook stalking. In other words, real "roommate stuff".

Stockings. Garlands. Trees. Even the Sparkling Grape Juice adds festive flair. (Plus, the white sidewalks of the stadium look like crestfallen snow. I've been fooled many a morning.)
 Our diminuitive Christmas Tree.

 The Room.

Last night, a third roommate was added into the mix. She's here only temporarily, though. Until she returns to the sea and grants my wishes.

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  1. Anonymous6.12.10

    I love every bit of this post, Molly! And hi, Grace!