24 January 2011


As I was under the impression that lunch at the AXO house ended at 12:30 for an entire semester plus some, I fixed a late plate of barbecue salad to eat in my break between CS and Physics. Lunch actually ends at 1:30 and has apparently always done so. Barbecue salad is just a salad with barbecue on top, since I feel better about myself if I eat things on top of salad. Well, I enjoyed my lunch out on a bench by the physics building then went to class, sat for an hour, then walked through crowds of people back to my dorm, where I glanced in the mirror to see barbecue sauce on my cheekbone. Perfect. After taking care of that, I sat and worked at my desk before popping in some Friday Night Lights and glancing in the mirror again. Barbecue sauce. By my eyebrow. No more unattended eating of barbecue salad.

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