10 January 2011

Minor Hiccups

Well, I'm back for round two at Tech. Not without some difficulty, though. My first flight was cancelled on account of a "winter storm", but I was thankfully put on a flight later that same day. As is my custom, I sought out some frozen yogurt in the airport - not the healthy, fruity kind but the good, chocolately kind. Although I found the yogurt, cookie dough wasn't an available topping and I had to settle for M&Ms and waffle cone pieces. Then I learned that my gate had changed and had to carry my yogurt along with my backpack, mamma jamma purse, and coat up to the Skylink and into another terminal. My day of miniature defeats was put on hold on the flight though, since I had an aisle seat and the middle seat patron never showed leaving lots of room for my legs and elbows. Also, the later flight put me in Atlanta around the same time as the roommate, allowing us to share a cab back to the dorm. Nice. But it was snowing. And classes were cancelled for today. And now they're cancelled for tomorrow. And nothing is open. And the grocery stores are picked over.

But I did buy my textbooks at Amazon.com for a fraction of the cost! Hooray for college.

Dear Texas, I miss thee.

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