30 August 2011


Yes, I am guilty. So, so, guilty. Of professor crushes. Up until now there have just been one or two per semester, but with this particular class load I have hit the jackpot of adorable little foreign science/math nerd men that should have action figures made of them. Which, by the way, I've realized is one my highest forms of regard - the desire to have an action figure made of someone. Weird, I know.

My Materials professor is from India and has a full beard and wears a turban. He says things like uh-LOY instead of alloy, but my favorite has to be Potashium and Franshium instead of Potassium and Francium. Gotta love it.

My Statics professor introduced himself as "Hoo-lee-ahn REE-mo-lEE, but ju weel say 'Jew-lee-uhn Ruh-MOW-li'". He's basically adorbs. His hair moves up and down when he writes on the board, he wears glasses, and all of his shirts have two pockets.

My Physics professor is studly. He wears Crocodile Dundee hats and Hawaiian shirts unbuttoned just enough to allow for tufts of silver chest hair to cascade like cataracts (the waterfall kind, not the ocular clouding kind). He also has a luxurious silver 'stache and flowing silver hair that protrudes from his ever present hat. He laughs at his own jokes and trails off into incoherent mumbling when talking about more physics than we're expected to know, but that he wants to talk about anyway.

My Diff Eq professor looks like a dead ringer for an elder relative of Mr. Ratburn. His eyebrows and mustache look like the same image copied and pasted onto three parts of his face. He wears cardigans or, rather, a cardigan, since it's been the same one every day so far. He instructs us to "eh-study" the "recipes" for solving equations in order to find the "keeler", because solving differential equations is a lot like solving murders. He's a fan of solid analogies. And he refers to Calculus as magic. And his name is Rafael de la Llave - just roll the r's and turn Llave into a very loud "YAAAH - vay" for the full effect.

Professor. Love.
I honestly cannot wait for Invite Your Professor to Lunch day.

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  1. Anonymous3.3.15

    Hands down, this is my favorite post, so far.

    Your descriptions are wrought with enough character to not need photographic accompaniment.