22 May 2012

Clear Eyes, Full Heart

Tonight, my dorm at GTL threw all of the students a barbecue, promising "hot dogs, crisps, dessert, and some drink!" They also had a DJ booth and lights set up. Crazy crazy. The point was to encourage intermingling between the French and American students living in the building. This is the story of that intermingling.

My little posse of Americans had the pleasure of meeting Hugo and Henemlnejnd. (He must have said his name for me at least 6 times, but that's still all I got.) I have a problem. It's called smiling and nodding. Yes, I may have actively participated in 100% of the conversation tonight, but I comprehended about 14% of it. The highlight was probably when I zoned out for a good bit, only to be jerked back into reality by hearing "Fraaihday Naaight Laaightz?", in response to which I shouted, "Friday Night Lights?!! I LOVE that show! Coach Taylor is my HERO!" Hugo agreed, almost as emphatically, raised a fist, and exclaimed "Texas Forever!". Life = made. I'll have you know that the first thing these fellows knew about me was that I was from Texas, so they understood the importance of the series to my soul. It happened as all these things seem to happen. A group is approached and asked a question, everyone stares blankly at each other for a good minute and a half, then someone finally answers. I'm usually that someone. The question tonight was where we were all from, and I answered with a "well, I'm from Texas". Hemechlind really liked that. I know because his face lit up and his eyes opened wide and his mouth spread into a grin from ear to ear. "Aahhhh! Texaahhs! Naaaaice!" Hugo was pumped about it, too. Everyone. Loves. Texas. From then on, our conversation included almost everything you could think of - sports, school, travel, food, music, TV - and then we dispersed. Too early, I think, because from my window I can now hear the sweet sounds of French voices being raised to In The Navy, Funkytown, and Smells Like Teen Spirit, among other choice tunes. I guess I'll just have to join in from afar.

Note: hotdogs in France come on baguettes, not buns. wowzers.

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  1. Anonymous29.3.15

    I can't remember if I mentioned this already but I recently binge-watched Friday Night Lights in its entirety.
    Possibly the best drama I've ever seen.

    Also, reading about your travels is weighing in heavily on my plans for my next big vacation.
    I Googled "Bruges".
    I want to go.