20 June 2012

Adventure is Out There

Just stepping off the train in Interlaken, Switzerland makes you feel ten times more sporty and outdoorsy than average. It is outdoor adventure wonderland, and this past weekend the Titanic Tip and Daring Dash Adventurers Slash Explorers (because every good travel group needs a catchy name, right?) took advantage of all the adventure we could wrap our sunburned arms around.

First: Adventure Picnic No. 1. The goods were bought at coop. The location was found by following streams of metal heads in bathing suits carrying cases of alcohol. Then we feasted on a dock overlooking the clear, blue, Brienzersee, with a backdrop of clear sky and imposing mountains.

Second: Glacier Bungee. Yes. We had been wetting our pants for about three weeks in anticipation of bungee jumping off a glacier in Interlaken, especially since we found a sweet deal through our Hostel. We ran through every single possible fatality multiple times, debated whether or not the rope would be most dangerous first, before anyone had tested it out, or last, when it was already strained from being used 5 times prior, and planned brightly colored outfits. We packed into the minivan and rode up to the jump site. We signed the liability waivers. We harnessed up. Then our adventure company told us that Glacier Bungee was sort of lame...?

Second, 2.0: Canyon Jump. Apparently, Canyon Jumping is the way to go in Interlaken. It's about 80 meters of pure free fall through a glacier ravine, leading into a swoop as the rope gently catches and changes your direction without changing your speed. Or, in my case, about 80 meters of pure free fall through a glacier ravine, leading into a frantic flailing as the rope slams into your face and changes your direction without changing your speed. I am so lame, y'all - I suffered a bruise on my cheek and having my upper lip swell to a Who-esque size all for being a spaz and using my face to brace the fall.

Third: Hiking Up a Mountain. On Saturday, we pointed at a mountain. On Sunday, we hiked to the top of it. The Titanic Tip and Daring Dash Adventurers Slash Explorers split up, and since it was just me and the boys doing the hiking, I took it upon myself to take a slower pace in order to let the fellows rest periodically as they waited for me to catch up. Selfless, I know. Once we reached the top, I spoke in German to ask an elderly Swiss man to take our picture. Except, instead of asking "Will you take our picture?", the best I could muster out after hours of physical exertion was "Can you photograph us?" His response was to laugh and turn to his buddies and say something along the lines of, "Of course I CAN, but who knows if I WILL!" Oh, the embarrassment of incorrect modal auxiliaries. Cut me some slack, Swiss man.

Fourth: Adventure Picnic No. 2. When we reached the summit, we celebrated with PEANUT BUTTER! and Nutella spread on some stale bread we found (fo' free!) in leftover boxes outside of our hostel's kitchen. What a snag. Seriously, though, that peanut butter was probably the only thing that got me to the top of that mountain.

Fifth: Hiking Down a Mountain. Going down mountains is sevenfold more fun than going up. Because you can run and prance from obstacle to obstacle and slide on loose gravel and leaves but still keep your balance. Going down mountains was made for those weird people who habitually walk on the balls of their feet...ahem, me.

Sixth: Swimming in a Glacier Lake. Instead of showering off after the full day of hiking, we swam in a lake. Because we're just outdoorsy like that.

I am earning my Chaco's, KAVU, and Nalgene, y'all.

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