09 October 2012

plum. wore. out.

Well friends, I think I've done it. I think I have officially worn myself out. From a girl who has never pressed snooze in her life, I have been waking up hours past my alarm for the past week. From a girl who usually puts work before play, I watched four hours of Dr. Zhivago, browsed Tami Taylor inspired pinboards, googled quilting tutorials, and went about countless other aimless endeavors, all without laying a finger on my homework. So, yeah, I'm there.

World, forgive me the toothpicks holding up my eyelids, the stanky coffee breath, the oversized sweatshirt wardrobe, the inability to perform everyday functions, and the overall lack of awesomeness. Thankfully, with the changing of the seasons and a little home-lovin' coming up this weekend, next week will feel like a new start to get back to it.

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