08 November 2013

Hey Madi

I am not a crude person. I blush to say "bathroom" instead of "restroom" in public.

The only person I am ever the least bit crude with is my main girl Madi, and our "crudeness" is probably the equivalent of a dialogue between two seventh grade boys looking at National Geographic.

Our Algebra II class was comprised of nerdy freshmen, normal sophomores, and a handful of uninterested junior boys. One of these boys, let's call him Eric, had a running gag that he would always write on the whiteboard near another of the boy's, let's call him Drew, desk. It was "boobs, by Drew". Freshman Madi and Freshman Molly were shocked by this use of practically a curse word in public - in school, even! But Freshman Madi and Freshman Molly grew a lot that first year of high school and lost a very small bit of their naivete and started writing "boobs, by Drew" anywhere they could because it is always funny and never gets old. (See statement about seventh grade boys.)

Fast forward to Senior in College Molly, who is late sending a package to Senior in College Madi, and has the great, nay, perfect idea to use Boobs Bydrew instead of her real name as the return address. Unfortunately, Senior in College Molly has the terrible luck to write an incomplete address and have the package returned to sender, which actually returns the package to the package desk at the school post office. And when Senior in College Molly goes to pick up that package, she is informed: "This package looks like it was returned to sender, to a Bobby B...a Boo...a BOOBS...?" "Nope, it's mine." Blush. Grab. Run.

I'm sorry I still haven't sent you that package but I hope this story makes it worth it.


by Drew

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  1. I'm not sure I understood half of the inside jokes, but this made me laugh out loud!