26 March 2014

Spring Brake

This past week has been my spring break and seeing as I'm still fleeing from responsibility and duties, it's time to blag. (In my defense, I came to the student center fully intending to fill out some forms for my summer employment because that is probably the easiest of tasks ahead of me for this week, but ends up I forgot a black pen and it seems a little silly to walk all the way to the student center and not sit down and at least pretend to be doing something.)

With that, I suppose first up is summer employment. Yes, we are all shocked and confused that Molly has a job and is not spending the summer footloose and fancy free in another country. The day was bound to come eventually. I will be interning at M. D. Anderson in Houston, TX, working with MATLAB and such. MATLAB used to be the bane of my existence but this project description piqued my interest so I guess I'm an engineer now. Hit me with the coolest things to do in Houston and I will be oh so grateful.

For the first part of my break I returned to the homestead in Tyler. My biffle is getting married in May and I have the pleasure of being her maid of honor (!!!), so there were some wedding funzies to attend to. Dress fitting, shower giving, bachelorette party arrangement making, the like. I got to hang out with some super cool people. I got my hairs cut and for the very first time my hair was long enough to cut into an oval back. I even had to stand up for her to make the first few cuts. This might not seem too cool, but it was just about the highlight of my day and I ain't even sorry. I got Whataburger and Mexican food. What more can a girl want?

The second part of my break was an adventure. I came back east to go camping with Jeff and a group of acquaintances. Spending four days in close quarters with people I barely know? Not really in my comfort zone, but these things are made to stretch.
This is a dam picture from South Carolina
er, picture in front of a dam

[cue three days of being unable to flee from responsibility and duties any longer and forgetting to post this]

It's been a good while since this blag saw any action, so I guess this should continue on in the vein of a "catch-up" post, so here is a list of things:
-I've been writing a lab report all day but I decided to stop. Feels good.
-I'm hooked on Battlestar Galactica. I blame Portlandia.
-I'm still not sure about bananas, which is crummy since they're just about the only thing anyone can find to use as a substitute in "healthy" desserts.
-When applicable, I predict the general feel of my day based on Dallas sports team performance the day/night prior.
-37 days or so until graduation. Yikes.
-In recent weeks, tea consumption has gone down, coffee consumption has gone up.
-I'm a fairly boring person right now.
-I think the post title is pretty clever, I mean, pump the brakes! give me more springtime! please oh please I'm not prepared to graduate. seriously. what is adulthood. just kidding, I'm going to grad school. but it does feel a little adult-y minus the business casual. and I would like some more spring weather.

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