21 July 2017

Finger Update

Thank you to everyone who expressed concern and/or shuddered a little bit on my behalf! Writing it all out was cathartic. The events of that morning kept rattling around in my head and it was a relief to hand them over to the internet.

I'm happy to report that my finger is on the mend. Every day feels a little better and a little more normal. The first look was tough, but since then I've been sort of fascinated with witnessing the whole process of the body healing itself*. We've got some pretty neat bodies! My finger is expected to grow back to at least a reasonable length and shape, which is wicked sweet if you ask me.

Thanks again for thinking of me. I can happily say that I've moved past the frightened stage and on to the "milk this baby for all it's worth" stage - for a reserved somewhat recluse I cannot tell you how great it is to have a built-in topic of conversation for all of my workplace small talk needs. And yes, I have resumed cutting and quilting! The very evening of the accident, in fact. Quilters gotta quilt.

*I've been sending pictures to my loving husband each day to allow him to witness the process as well - if you're interested, just let me know

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