09 September 2010

Back By Popular Demand

And when I say popular demand, I mean one person inquired as to where my blog went. (Thanks, SB!)

Starting day one, I have kept a running tally of things I forgot to bring to college. Most of the items are mundane, everyday necessities that you don't realize are necessities until you live without them. The Texas flag, for example. Other things are more creative, like my sticker box and my markers. To boot, I somehow made it to college with a grand total of 3 pencils, one of which I have lost and another that I have no means to sharpen. That leaves me with one pencil.

I also forgot to bring my parents, my friends, my full-sized bed, my map of the world shower curtain, my entire book collection, my pets, more than half of my wardrobe, my favorite high school teachers, my costume collection, my church.

Leaving things behind is tough...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10.9.10

    Welcome back to the blog world! You have been missed:)

    Do you need me to send you a Texas flag? Sorry though, the map of the world shower curtain and costume collection are out of stock...

    You're so great, Molly! I'm excited to continue reading:)