10 September 2010


I used to have a Twitter account named Calamity Molly, because I had just watched Calamity Jane and all of the cooler names that incorporated Molly were already in use. But then I got nonconformist and deleted my Twitter, just for the grounds of saying, "Twitter? Oh, I used to do that".

I used to have a blog named A Displaced Texan, because I had big dreams of telling the world how a Texan girl, through and through, was adjusting to life in Georgia. But after my Russia trip I got really hesitant to blog, so I deleted the whole thing, I think because I needed more time to process the trip before sharing my experiences than I originally allowed myself.

So here I am again, eating my words for the umpteenth time, Tweeting and blogging, this time under a new name. I didn't realize until setting up my new Twitter that I had such an awesome pun built into my name - and I've always pined after a cool name pun or nickname or the like. My middle name, Claire, can be put in front of my first name, Molly, in such a way that it sounds like "Clearly Molly", giving me much delight. Yes, I am a little obsessed with my newfound name pun, just because so many things happen to me that could only happen to me - they're Clairely Molly.

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