11 September 2010

Hailing the Mighty State

I always knew that I would miss Texas. Often, I get asked if people here in Atlanta are different than people in Texas. For the record, the answer is yes. Here's why:

The word "stockyards" arises questions.
No one knows what What-A-Burger is.
I don't even know what the Georgia flag looks like. Where's the state pride?
I am yet to have any Mexican food, other than Moe's (if that even qualifies).
The puny circus horse was described as big.
Boots are not typical footwear.
No one can say what Six Flags means - it's just the name of a theme park.
No one else thought it was funny that the exit of a ride at Six Flags said, "Y'all come back. Yea hear?"

These are just some of my observations thus far. I haven't inquired as to whether or not anyone can recite the state pledge/sing the state song, but I'm pretty positive the answers would be disappointing.

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