15 September 2010

Little Bits of Happy

Despite the multitude of badness that seemed to congregate on me today, there are always things in my dorm that make me incomparably happy. A peeling scalp sunburn that looked like abnormal amounts of dandruff, a calculus quiz that rendered a noontime meal unneccesary since it already ate my lunch, the city of Atlanta turning off the water in my building from 9:00-1:00, getting lost on the way to class*, and even biology melt away when I walk in the room and see my cowboy boots...

...which make me think of Texas. Or my collection of Granny Smith Apples, each one carefully plucked out from under the noses of the Brittain staff...

...for afternoon snacks.

*I've realized that when I'm lost, my instinctive tactic is to focus in on a random stranger and follow them wherever they go. While this sometimes leads me to the right place, more often than not I end up by the Police Department on a part of West Campus that I've never seen before.

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