17 September 2010

A Photographic Journey

In a quest to become a better photographer, I recently purchased a book on digital photography from Barnes and Noble. Among other more tedious things, it told me to start up a project as a way to practice and gauge progress. Coincidentally, I've recently been impressed by a few of my friends who are taking a picture a day for 365 days. And so my project begins: a self portrait for every day I remember to take a self portrait. Seems doable...

16.09.2010 Studying Calculus in one of my favorite shirts. Why? It's soft, it's Bright Eyes, and it actually belongs to my brother, which rather ranks me in the class of girls who wear their brother's old concert shirts.

17.09.2010 Perched on my lofted bed in some comfy sneaks.

As an unrelated side note, I love the way that I laugh everytime I accidentally type "me" instead of "my" because it makes me sound like a pirate. And, yes, this does happen a lot.

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  1. Emily Jackson18.9.10

    BRIGHT EYES!! We can be friends. I'm thinking about starting a 365 thing too. We should talk shop, what kind of camera do you have??