13 October 2010


T-minus two days until I will be in Texas! I haven't been able to think about anything else for about two weeks or so, which is potentially dangerous since I have a biology test tomorrow...

Fall Break order of business:
1. Walk on Texas soil
2. See family
3. Eat a Fletcher's corny dog at the Texas State Fair - a family tradition
4. See some of my best friends in the world
6. A debatable visit to the lovely REL high school

I always made fun of graduates who came back to visit Lee before even finishing their first semester, but things are different now that I'm the graduate. I'm afraid I may end up eating some of my words this weekend, which would not be the first time.

We watched a video about making silicon chips in my freshmen seminar for chemical engineers today. It focused on a company in Sherman, and on Texas Instruments, and I practically glowed when the video opened with shots of the Fort Worth Stockyards. I even turned to the people behind me and giddily said, "That's my home!" It's high time to be back.

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