11 October 2010

No Business Like Show Business

Theatre was a sort of hobby for me, an outlet where I could suspend the daydream of being a movie star. I was never too serious about it; I was always that kid who said "play practice" instead of "rehearsal" and "try-outs" instead of "auditions". Mainly, I just enjoyed the process of slipping out of my own life and trying someone else's on for size. Today, I got a card in the mail that my mom had stuffed with clippings from high school and hometown productions and I realized how much I miss being involved in shows. Although they do consume every spare moment of your time, shows are crazy amounts of fun. It doesn't help that I've wanted so badly to be an a musical but never took the initiative, and now the lineup for this season at my high school is filled with shows that I'd love to do. There's still time...

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