22 October 2010

I Could Have Danced All Night

Costume Salsa Dance Party. If you know anything about me, you know that these words are what I live to hear. So this afternoon, when I got a text inviting me to a Costume Salsa Dance Party later in the evening, my answer was an emphatic YES.

First order of business was finding a costume. I sorely miss having a well-stocked dress up closet at my disposal, because I'm finding costumes to be a common recurrence in the college scene. After racking my brain and the public brain known as the world wide web for ideas, I remembered my Captain Kirk shirt which would pair perfectly with my black pants and high boots to make a mighty fine Captain Kirkette outfit. (The best part of this shirt is that I obtained it by sending in ten box tops to the Kellogs company.)

On my merry way, I stepped out of my building smack dab in the middle of a group of five or so guys. Now, I've had this happen before when I was dressed to the nines for chapter, but this was the first time I have ever been addressed. Only at Tech. The guys were heartbroken when I told them that it was only a costume and that I have never actually seen any Star Trek except for the newest movie. But I liked it! (At this one guy fell to his knees and wailed.)

Feeling pretty good, I met up with my friend, who was dressed as Hermione. We walked together to the Student Center and arrived at the ballroom just in time for the last half hour of lessons before the actual dance began. Just like in Social Dance, the guys and girls stood in circles and the guys would circle around to new partners practicing the basic step, the crossbody inside turn, and the righthand turn. When we could all at least function, the dancing began.

My first partner was one of those zero social skill types, who was not afraid to belittle this first timer. It was one of those situations, though, that I couldn't easily bail out of, for the sole reason that I was so amused by his antics. He would watch me spin the wrong way, snidely say "You've got the gist, now try going in the right direction" or some other comment, and I would laugh at the ridiculousness of my position. The song ended, and more partners came and went. I started to see a trend - they were all old and somewhat creepy, but that alone made the whole night even more fun. After each number my friend and I would meet up to swap stories about the last weirdo we danced with.

By far, the most fun to dance with were the Salsa Club officers and the people who actually knew what they were doing. Most were really patient and willing to teach me the steps. I am very proud of myself for how many times I told one of these that it was my first time salsa dancing to be told I was doing very well for a first timer and learned quickly. Of course, I could have told them about my Dancing With the Stars Latin Cardio Dance exercise DVDs, but somehow I didn't think that would count as "experience".

Even though I sacrificed watching my Texas Rangers BEAT THE YANKEES AND EARN A SPOT IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!, tonight ended up being one of the most pleasurable of my college career so far.

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