24 October 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down

As I walked back to campus from church this morning, I passed a rather large and luxurious looking apartment building. I had almost passed the front door when I saw a large black man poke his head out of the door and say "'Scuse me!, 'Scuse me!" Taken aback, I slowly stopped and reluctantly back pedaled until I was even with him. He kept beckoning me to walk up the steps toward him, saying "It's Ok, I'm security here - it's Ok", and I hesitantly came closer.

"Is that a Bible?"
"Yes sir...?"
"I pulled you up on the security camera and saw your Bible. What did you learn at church this morning?"
"Well, we learned about giving, and how what you give should be between you and God, not compared to those around us."
"Mmm, yes. And what faith are you?"
"Mhmm. I agree with what you say. My name's Leonard by the way."
"I'm Molly...?"
"Nice to meet you. I agree with what you say about giving. You really gotta feel it in your heart, not look at what other people do. We get a lot of hoomeless people 'round here asking for money, food - are you in a hurry?"
"Well, I'm just headed back...?"
"Yeah, well when we have extra food in here, I just get this feeling of God telling me who really needs it, and I like to give it out. I agree with what you say about giving. Ah, Molly."
"It was really nice to meet you...?" graceful exit
"Nice to meet you, too!"

I'm still not quite sure what to think about this.

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  1. If there was a contest going on for best Oct 24 experience, you'd win.