23 November 2010

Eating Atlanta

Although I love seeing my family, maybe it's a good thing I don't live closer to home. Too many weekends of eating like this will leave me quadrupled in size.

Strike One: Yoforia for lunch before heading out to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (which I discovered to easily be my favorite place in Atlanta so far).

Strike Two: Bone's Steakhouse for dinner. Everything about this place, from the atmosphere to the food, oozed old-timey, classic luxury.

Strike Three: The Flying Biscuit for breakfast. Creamy Dreamy Grits and some very tasty biscuits made up for the fact that pork and beef were absent from the menu, not to mention they scramble collard greens into eggs for the more adventurous sort, aka Gran Jan.

Strike Four, Because in This Culinary/Baseball Metaphor Anything is Possible: Veni Vidi Vici. We came to the restaurant, we saw the huge appeal of everything on the menu, and we conquered dishes of Penne Carbonara, Ravioli, and Veal Parmesan.

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