25 November 2010

I'm Thankful For...

...grace that is greater than all our sin, the love of a family, weekly crossword puzzles, musicals, family traditions, a sassy cat and a sweet pup, friends that either understand my crazy speak or at least act like they do, mugs of hot tea, books by the thousands, escapism, our founding fathers, the Food Network, themed parties, Texas, brisk autumns, sense of humor, quality TV, browsing excursions, the freedom to have an opinion and, more importantly, disagree with others, Southern Living, chocolate so dark the first bite makes you cringe, means of communication, holidays, creative minds, wisdom, getting letters in the mail, memories, painfully delicous food, dreams, esoteric simple pleasures, movies, genuine compliments, Pilot G2 07's, experiences that stick with you for life.

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