15 January 2011

On that Midnight Train to Georgia

Day 001, 13.01.2011
A birthday showing of Beauty and the Beast, my all-time favorite Disney princess tale, at the Fantastic Fox Theatre, Atlanta.

Day 002, 14.01.2011
Lunch with Dad at the Varsity after class. What'll ya have?! Orange Drank, and make it frosty.
Day 003, 15.01.2011
All aboard the Midnight Train! Destorying napkins, one at a time, at Gladys and Ron's (as in Gladys Night, y'all) Chicken and Waffles.

I've run into an issue with this Project 365 mumbo jumbo. Some days, I just take more than one cool picture! But, alas, my dad is not in Atlanta every day, so the coolness factor of my days will probably decrease after tomorrow. Not shown in the pictures from January 14th is me officially becoming a Zipster and driving my first Zipcar - in Atlanta, to boot - and a really neat, artsy type movie theater where Dad and I saw The King's Speech. Two thumbs way, way up. Plus, I carted home a free Javier Bardem poster. Not shown in the pictures from January 15th is exploration of Atlanta by foot and by car, a visit to CamiCakes cupcakes (deeee-lish), and an impromptu hall birthday party.

I think FoodNetwork should create a checklist of all the restaurants they feature. I could check off quite a few. And Heaven knows I do love checking off lists.

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