29 January 2011

Packing Some Action

Day 014, 26.01.2011
After months of being M.I.A., Robert finally resurfaces! I've missed this kid. (Some day soon my friends will all stop Skyping me out of fear that I'll take a screen shot without telling them and it will end up on this zany project.)

Day 015, 27.01.2011
Thanks to following Paula Deen and Real Simple on Twitter, I found that today was National Chocolate Cake Day, an event that must needs celebration. Cue the Publix run for a fluted cake pan and other baking necessities.

Day 016, 28.01.2011
After a delicious dinner, a relaxed browsing of Ulta, and Grace having an anxiety attack because of Super Wal-Mart, we were approached in the parking lot by high school guys wanting to be slapped for a scavenger hunt.

Day 017, 29.01.2011
EL Spring Retreat at the GT Leadership Challenge Course! So much fun.

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