30 January 2011

National Chocolate Cake Day

I checked my Twitter account last Thursday around 5:30 when I finished physics lab, lo and behold to find both Paula Deen and Real Simple Magazine touting National Chocolate Cake Day. I desperately wanted to bake, but images of the dorm kitchen and a sizable grocery list/bill deterred my thoughts. Until I got back to my room. And saw recipes on Real Simple. Chocolate. Earl. Grey. Cake. It was meant to be.

Since the sun was slowly fading behind the skyline, I powerwalked to Publix to purchase supplies. I needed staples as well as specifics; I have done zero baking since being at Tech (and I've missed it so!) But I was determined. Chocolate Cake Day would be celebrated.

Beating the butter, sugar, and eggs until fluffy proved difficult with only a tupperware container and fork.
6 teabags! Good thing I like Earl Grey an inordinate lot.
Melted chocolate. At this point, I'm beginning to get a little nervous about fitting everything in the same little bowl...
...good thing I have awesome neighbors, like Angel, who indulge my cake baking whims by providing mixing bowls.
Cooling time after 50-ish minutes in the oven - thanks again to Angel for oven mitts.

And thar she blows! Such a fun project, made even more fun by sharing with the hall. Here's the link to the recipe. It's downright tasty.

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