06 February 2011


Here are some truly positive things that have happened recently:

1. The Star Wars mug that I've been eyeing at Barnes and Noble finally went on sale and I bought it for only five dollars. What a steal.
2. Dinner on Friday night turned into an adventure.
3. My friends and cyberfriends have posted some rad blogs.
4. We finally got to Gauss' Law in physics, and now have nothing to sphere but sphere itself.
5. Mail!
6.Our impromptu dinner cooking last night was delicious.
7. I got complimented on my computer programming. Yes, you read that correctly.
8. Phone calls to best friends.
9. The Super Bowl is in Dallas tonight, and I get to tell everyone that the Packers' second string quarterback went to my high school. Booya, bragging rights.
10. When I put pictures up on Facebook, people "Like" them - such a confidence booster.
11. I'm slowly but surely honing my skills to recognize which movie score is playing on Pandora before switching tabs to check my guess.
12. Angel gave me a discount at Barnes and Noble, plus I bought the $20 for $10 Groupon and still have gift cards leftover from graduation and birthday, so I'm set with store credit for awhile.
13. Communion and a baptism at church today. It was a double whammy.
14. Tomorrow is Charles Dickens Day.

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