30 March 2011

Sole Searching

I am in love with shoes. It starts with boots, but it certainly doesn't end there. I firmly believe in shoe shopping as a panacea. This is why:

1. Shoes are easy to try on. Maybe I'm lazy, but there's nothing I detest more than having to find an open dressing room, change out of my street clothes, fiddle with hangers and buttons and zippers and snaps and straps and bows, venture out to the three way mirror, take it all off, turn it all rightside out, hang everything back up, lather, rinse, repeat.

2. Feet stop growing, for the most part. There's no worse feeling than discovering you've gone up a dress size - or two - even if you can blame it on the brand running small. Feet are grounded (hee hee) at a certain size, and even if you cried yourself to sleep in middle school because of your seemingly abnormally humongous feet, there's solace in the fact that they aren't getting bigger any time soon. And you can still wear those shoes you bought amidst the tears in 7th grade.

3. Liberation. When's the last time you heard someone say, "I'm really hankering for some double dark chocolate ice cream with rainbow morsels, but probably shouldn't get any. I'm trying to watch my shoe size"?

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