22 April 2011

Adventures in Sushi

Last night was FLO Formal, as in Freshmen Leadership Organization Formal, as in five (or so) distinct clubs all clustered in the same vicinity but definitely segregated. Yeah, it might have been a little uncomfortable, but I always have fun any time I'm with Emerging Leaders peeps.

Probably the best part of the whole affair was going out to dinner beforehand. Where I met my new best friend. A small, Asian, man. This could only have happened to me.

We walk in the door of this sushi place, Ru Sans, to be greeted by a tiny Asian man jib-jabbering away. Finally, we understand that he's asking how many people are in our party, so we explain that we have a reservation. He looks at the list, gives us a little grief for being late, then asks how many. Ten - well, maybe twelve - no, probably ten - was our answer. He looks at me and shouts..."Ten!" hands are up in the air "Twelve!" hands grab my wrists "TEN!" hands grab my elbows "TWELVE!!!" hands grab my shoulders "Hahahahaha!"  walks away to fix our table. No joke. I stood there in a little bit of shock and a lot bit of laughter. We sit down, order, chat, get food, and I decide to take a picture for 365. He sees me and comes over to get me in the photo as well. Then, since I obviously cannot be expected to pass this opportunity up, I ask him to take a picture with me. This makes him very happy. We pose, and he mimes picking me up. Keep in mind that I am twice the size of this man. Ain't gon' happen. So he compromises to have me bend down to his level so we can put our arms around each other's shoulders. Then he pats me on the head. All returns to normal, we're eating and chatting amongst ourselves, and he comes back to check on the table. I make sure to tell him that the food is really good. He stands behind me and rubs my arms, saying "Velly good! Velly good!" At this point, I'm still trying to grasp that all of this is actually happening. It is. After dinner, upon leaving the restaurant, he was there to give all of us hugs goodbye. He gave out an excited exclamation when my turn came in the line, hugged me, rocked back and forth, then patted me on the head again. Of course this would happen to me.

And that is the story of how I gained powerful connections in the sushi world.

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