20 April 2011


A while ago, little Jilly Bean (because she loves I love that nickname) wrote about her favorite concerts. I intended to reciprocate in a timely manner, but I think we all know how that worked out. Regardless, I'm here now, willing to tell anyone who'll listen - look?, read? - about my absolute favorite concerts ever.

The number of concerts I've attended is not very impressive. It seems like there are always those kids who have oodles of time and cash to be in the know of all the good music and concerts. I'm not one of those kids. I'm one of those kids who has found artists she likes and on a good day will remember to check and see if they're playing any convenient and affordable shows in the near future. That being said, the quality of concerts I've been to has been superb.

1. Of course I loved seeing Rocky Votolato at the House of Blues in Dallas with Jillian, Elise, and Brandon. It was my first concert in such an intimate setting. We were about 3 rows from the stage. Ah-mazing. And Jilly Bean (again with the nickname - I just can't help it!) scurried around on the floor to pick up his thrown guitar pick at the end of the concert. It was her birthday, or else I probably would have found some way to steal it on the ride home.

I don't have a readily available picture from the concert, but this one just makes me happy. We were probably thinking of the fun we'd have at Rocky.

2. The one, the only, Ben. Folds! The second time I saw Ben Folds was the greatest. He played in the Centenary College Gold Dome in Shreveport, Louisiana and Eef Barzelay opened. What. the. heck. Regardless, Ben Folds was funny as mess, he played all of my favorites, and the venue was small - a must for me. Add to all of this the experience of travelling with your older brother and two of his wacky friends. Priceless.

3. Austin City Limits. Need I say more? Crazy, hippie-filled, multiple stages, huge names. I've found that I generally prefer small venues, but the festival atmosphere was definitely something to experience at least once. Highlights were seeing Iron and Wine, Conor Oberst, and the Raconteurs.

4. I got to see Bright Eyes this year! So, so, so, good. Once again, a small venue - just my style.

 Basically, concerts are fun. These are listed in no particular order, because every single one has a different discerning factor that makes it my favorite. Here's to more good shows!

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