02 April 2012

Eric the Hero

There are waiters, and then there are waiters. Eric, my friends, is of the latter category. Since I'm an urban dwelling twenty-something, and therefore undeniable mod and trendy, I spent my Saturday night with friends at a tapas bar* hidden among ballroom dance studios and furniture boutiques. It was like rounding a corner and ending up in Latin paradise. Live music, good eats, atmosphere out the wazoo, it had it all. Plus Eric. Who brought us free flan. Then we ordered tres leches, and that one was on the house, too. I wrote "Thanks, Eric!" and drew a cat on the receipt, because that's what anyone would do in response to their new hero, right?

So, waiters, become waiters. Take note of Eric. Give people free dessert because it makes them beyond happy and makes you beyond heroic.

*The restaurant in question is Eclipse di Luna, and it was divine. Everything was right tasty, but my favorites were: Coca de Pato, Pimientos Rellenos con Queso de Cabra, Calamaras Fritos, and Ceviche de Huachinango. Hop to it.

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