01 December 2012

November in Retrospect

Well, November's over and I did not write a novel. But here are some things I did do:

-made a t-shirt quilt
-learned how to waterfall braid
-homemade some gingersnaps
-finished my circuits lab
-realized I have my friends' Andy's orders memorized
-spent a glorious almost week in Texas
-wrote three lab reports
-ran a 5K
-went to one concert, performed in another
-watched multiple movies
-started AND FINISHED a scrapbook
-won an intramural soccer game
-completed three sets of heat transfer homework
-read multiple books
and probably more stuff that I can't remember just now.

Opportunity cost, folks.

(opportunity cost is the only thing econ-related I remember from econ. the other things I remember have to do with diamonds, flutes, John Stossel, spoons, pens, the Jonas Brothers, and Patrick Swayze.)

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  1. You made a t-shirt quilt?! Pictures please!