25 January 2013

Friday Funday

Here are some incoherent thoughts for your enjoyment:

It's Friday, so obviously I'm eating peanut butter straight from the jar while planning what animal face I'm going to applique on a sweatshirt as I watch documentaries later.

I realized yesterday (while updating my resume) that the bulk of my responsibility in the most recent positions I've held has been updating Twitter and Facebook. Now I'm considering dropping out and freelancing as a Social Media Maven, distributing business cards that include the phrase "Will Tweet to Eat" somewhere on them.

There was a karaoke party after the Bible study I went to last night, and the first entry was a group of Georgia Tech football players who sang Hey Ya! by OutKast. I have no idea who any of the players are but I videoed it anyway because everyone else did.

You know how a song can get stuck in your head? Well, I have that right now except it was a video clip that I couldn't place and I finally found today that it's a scene from 30 Rock so I looked it up on YouTube. They have the scene immediately preceding and immediately after my scene, but not the 5 seconds that I want to see. Vader no.

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