27 February 2013

Tuesday Tea: Why I Blog

I realize that it is no longer Tuesday, but nevertheless I am joining my ever-insightful friend Kerry for Tuesday Tea. I made myself a cup of Tazo Wild Sweet Orange for the occasion, and I am ready to share why I blog.

I just like to do it. In a fabulous compilation of his letters to children, C. S. Lewis instructs a little girl that "there are three things in life we need ever do; 1) the things we've got to do, 2) the things we ought to do, and 3) the things we like doing". Even though I have read multiple grown-up books by C. S. Lewis, this is the one quote that has stuck with me and shaped the way I spend my time. If I haven't got to, shouldn't ought to, or don't like doing things, I reevaluate their place in my life.

So why do I like blogging? I like blogging because I get to tell my stories. I get to crack myself up. I get to broadcast arbitrary thoughts and opinions. And apparently people enjoy reading that kind of stuff, because I occasionally get feedback from y'all and it always makes my day.

1 comment:

  1. Molly! You rock! Thanks for joining me for tea and for the shoutout :)

    P.S. You were one of those super awesome people that blogged that I met in college that made me want to blog too :)