28 April 2013

stUdy breaK

At this moment I am responsible enough to not be on Netflix, but not quite responsible enough to be memorizing nuances of internal dosimetry and therefore in blogland.

Topic of the Day: What's Hanging Out on My Desktop

I am extremely selective about desktop icons and embellishments because I am my father's daughter. Here's a listing of what I've found worthy of making the cut.

Background: my desktop background is currently a picture of atomic-themed cupcakes that I found on the internet last year to post on a friend's facebook for her birthday. I'm practicing terrible internet form and not sourcing this image because aint nobody got time for that.

Icons: the five icons on my desktop are the trusty Recycle Bin, Dropbox, Adobe Photoshop Elements, NAG Fortran Builder 5.3.1, and MCNP Command Prompt. (All of these icons except the MCNP had a blue color scheme, so I just spent 20+ minutes making a new icon for the MCNP so that it would fit in. Is this a problem?)

Sticky Notes: these are collection bins for my thoughts. Green sticky notes are on the left and are used for quotes, yellow sticky notes are on the right and for lists. I have lists for books to read, music to look up, and movies to watch. There's a lone purple sticky note in the midst of it all reserved for a Madi Mackey original quote.

This, plus the dark green embellishments of cracked LCD, constitute the entirety of my desktop and y'all are all the better for knowing it, internet folks.

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  1. Anonymous18.2.15

    As is instinct for many numbers-oriented people, I bee-lined it to this post 'cause it was written on my birthday. Then perhaps less commonly, I tried to remember what I was doing at the time this was written. Short answer: I don't know.

    Props to whomever for the cupcakes. My sister - a Civil Engineer - makes traffic sign-themed cookies occasionally. I'm sure the cupcakes and the cookies both yield a tremendous response. (I might have to take a screenshot of that pun for sharing purposes).

    Equal props to you for the Sweet Brown reference.

    It is my opinion that investing any time in creating an on-theme icon is not problematic at all. In fact, it is your duty as a Science-bound human to keep such order in the universe.

    I'm sorry to hear about the cracked LCD. I struggle to imagine how that could happen to a non-phone device. Hopefully that has since been rectified.