09 May 2013

Shaky Knees

Why the recent thrift store talk? Because of these bad boys.

You can't really tell from the photo, but they've got some yeehawin' piping around the pockets. They also have a malfunctioning zipper and quite a few inches of extra room. But that piping...

I got these pants for two reasons. One, the inaugural Shaky Knees music festival. Two, most of my other clothes were packed neatly away for the return journey. Ok, ok, and three, because I have a thing for turning ill-fitting pants into cutoff shorts. Which is exactly what I did.

I had to safety pin myself into them. It was a great idea until drinking a ridiculous volume of coffee. And, yes, I did let my Dia del Sith shirt do double duty as a Cinco de Mayo shirt.

Now you know what I wore to the festival, but that's not the cool part. The cool part is that my dad, who went gluten-free before it was cool and is therefore a hipstar, was my date for the day. We hit up early service with the blue hairs, brunched at the Flying Biscuit, then marched our way to the trendiness that is Old Fourth Ward. Due to scattered showers, the park was basically an ocean of mud that we tromped through to move from stage to stage. Definite highlight: Shovels and Rope. Look 'em up, folks. Other highlights were introducing the pops to King of Pops, finding a swingin' coffee shop (literally), and taking full advantage of the Mail Chimp photobooth/snagging a free Mail Chimp tank. Lord knows I put up with enough trouble from Mail Chimp, I deserve a free tank or A THOUSAND.
Adventure mode activated; that is, if the first weekend of my summer is any indication of what's to come. And I sure hope that is the case. You're all so very welcome for the mirror shot$.

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