11 January 2014

I'm Back!

Ok, folks. New semester, new resolve to keep this baby updated with the usual nonsense. Last semester things seemed to fall to the wayside due to juggling a particularly challenging workload and some major lifestyle changes (I see you relationship status) on top of all the usual lifey things, but I'm ready to get back to the grind of informing the internet about my day-to-day.

Starting with: Obligatory Resolution Post. I've heard from several people that resolutions are kind of lame because we should be intentional about making positive changes every day of the year, and that sounds so cool that I'm really peer pressured into saying I feel the same way, but I'm still thinking up all sorts of resolutions. I guess it's not New Year's Day anymore so one could argue that I am, in fact, being intentional about making positive changes instead of resolutions. Yes, that does sound nice. My resolution is to be intentional - to do things with purpose.

Obligatory Intentional Positive Changes:
-be a better correspondent
-master new cooking skills, e.g. poaching eggs and making (good) soups without a recipe
-take more pictures
-read more books
-tell more stories
-draw more pictures
-learn more jokes
-meal planning meal planning meal planning (this really takes a lot of stress out of my week, if I can motivate myself to do it and do it correctly)
-use resources wisely
-become more involved at church
-pray before every meal (this is such a simple, logical practice that I've neglected too long for no reason)

I could keep going. I like goals; especially small, fun ones that are attainable and effective.

And yes, I am still laughing about that Photoshop job. Oh, the cleverness of me!

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  1. This post makes me happy. Particularly the picture and the bit about the relationship ;)