13 January 2014


Birthdays are regular days made special by the people who love you. They're early morning speaker phone serenades from your grandparents for what's sure to be the 22nd straight year. They're all the friends you knew you had and some people you were sure had forgotten you existed writing messages on your Facebook wall. They're old pictures upon old pictures lovingly posted by your parents on various social media outlets. They're fresh flowers in pretty vases and packages of thoughtful gifts. They're a full mailbox. They're friends that gather to uplift you. They're chocolate cupcakes on a treat day of an added-sugars fast. They're hearing from your besties, no matter how far away. They're the celebration of a year's worth of extraordinary and ordinary, of sometimes standing on top of it all and sometimes picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. They're the hope of another year's accomplishments. Birthdays are truly a blessing.

a huge thank you to everyone who loved me today by word, thought, prayer, or deed

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