26 June 2015

pennies for your thoughts

Hootie hoo! I'm back.

I think we can all agree that collecting things is one of the best things ever. Is there anything so satisfying as being out and about and stumbling across a new addition? Or searching far and wide and finally finding what you need? I think not.

I have multiple collections because I am a pack rat, but one of my very favorites to add to is my squished penny collection. No joke, my eyes light up and my feet beeline to the penny squisher regardless of my surroundings. Recently, after a bit of a dry spell, I acquired two new pennies (on the same day!) thanks to my fiancé (what a babe!). Of course, I couldn't wait to carefully place them in my elongated coin album that my mom chose to use her snack money on at Buc-ee's (what a mom!). But this time I didn't stop there. I finally visited the website on the back of the album. Y'all, game changer. This website is an editable catalog of all the penny squishing machines everywhere - and there's an app. Guess what you can do on the app? You can find your pennies by state, city, location, machine, and check them off. You can search to see where pennies are available in any of your vacation destinations. Does it get any better that that?! the Type A goob exclaimed.

Whether you're an experienced squished penny collector or just starting out, whether you squish every design available or just choose one per location, go ahead and get in on the fun: http://www.pennycollector.com/


  1. This long-awaited post makes me happy :)

  2. Anonymous8.7.15

    Woah, woah, woah... "fiancé"?! Last I read, the man was "boyfriend"!
    Congratulations! That's fantastic!

    Also, welcome back. Your return to the wonderful world of blogging has indeed been long-awaited.