06 January 2017

s i m p l i c i t y

It's my word for 2017. My intention. Infuse simplicity into a life that too often yields to anxiety, stress, and over all thinking just too darn much. About anything. About everything. It's a return to one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite people - "there are three things in life anyone need ever do: things we've got to do, things we ought to do, and things we like doing" [C.S. Lewis, paraphrased]. It's that simple. 

My plan to simplify is sort of a back to basics mentality. Eat and enjoy good food - heavy on the veggies. Start each morning with prayer and a few Bible verses - stop believing the lie that I have to undertake a scholarly dissection of the Word in order to get anything out of it, leading me to feel inadequate to the task and shrug it off altogether. Listen intently, engage honestly, be a good friend. Save money but eliminate guilt over purchases that bring me joy. Give generously of my time, my resources, my attention. Read more books. Write more letters. Take more pictures. 

In the end, I suppose I want to enjoy each day, whether good or bad or challenging or exhausting. No guilt, no self doubt, just simplicity.

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