29 March 2017

Things I Like!

Sharing some things that have been favorites of mine here recently. They are mostly to do with running and cats because that's what my life has become. NO SHAME.

Compression Leg Sleeves
My Zensah compression sleeves - perfect for long runs and recovery! I'm all into compression socks/sleeves lately. Gotta keep those legs looking good and circulating properly. Jeff told me to wear these and I thought he was crazy. I was wrong. P.S. they have limited edition bunny sleeves for Easter

Cyber's grasshoppers - we had a bit of drama when his jingle ball rolled to the abyss that is underneath the stove, but these little guys have been a most beloved replacement. Dude loves bugs.

Dr Teals Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, Detoxify & Energize with Ginger & Clay, 3 Pound Bag
Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts - nothing feels better after a run, workout, or long day than a good ol' epsom soak. The ginger and clay is my favorite scent, but I've liked all that I've tried so far.

My Mpow Coach bluetooth headphones - nice for the gym and running. No need to mess with that flappy cord that always gets in the way! Jeff gave me these even though I said I didn't want them. I was wrong.

My Garmin Forerunner 25 - this little watch is a perfect basic GPS running watch for me. No bells and whistles, just GPS functionality and also an activity tracker for daily steps and sleep and such. All you need, nothing you don't.

Chock Full O Nuts Ground Coffee, Original Blend, 48 Ounce
Coffee! To drink, duh, but also to pull out nasty cigarette reek from a recently purchased used book. It didn't smell that bad in the store. Also, I needed it, which leads us to....

The Dark Tower series - yeah, so good. Just started (and de-stunk) Book VII.

adventurecats.org - these cats are ballin'. Who knew there was such a community for outdoorsy cats?! I'm getting lots of ideas....

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