09 April 2017

ongoing simplification

I'm finally getting to a point where I like everything in my closet (minus the ill-fitting button downs that I somehow feel must be requisite of any "business casual" wardrobe). Novel concept, I know. But I've always struggled with the what-if. What if I need that later? What if I change my mind about the fit? What if it doesn't really look that bad? What if I can never again find something like this?!

Thoughts sort of ridiculous once voiced, but there all the same.

I've never needed something later. I've never changed my mind about fit, unless it goes from bad to really bad. It usually always does look that bad, and even if it doesn't I'm thinking it does and my confidence is shot. And that last one is untested because I've never thought about finding the same thing again.

Now is the perfect time for me to enact some spring cleaning and simplification - maintaining what is meaningful and enjoyable, getting rid of what isn't. I'm starting in the closet but, to be honest, there are some wacky things I've just continued to tote around from apartment to apartment starting from freshman year. Like my high school graduation announcements. Threw those out a few weeks ago.

Yep, time to simplify.

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