22 March 2012

¡Viva Spring Break!

Because I am a maniac, I will proceed to detail my spring break in the reverse order of actual events. It's an enthralling account, so hold on to your hats.

This unorthodox order is mainly because I just got back from a daddy-daughter-double-date to see John Carter from Mars, and I'm still razzed up over that. Talk about cool beans. I mean, I could watch Tim Riggins vacuum hallways, but seeing him violently slaughter hordes of aliens is arguably a heckuva lot more ballin'. Plus, I love knowing that the other daughter probably got the same, pre-movie, "John Carter is the predecessor and influence of all modern day science fiction" talk from her daddy. This is precisely why we love our dads - 'cause they're so smart. At risk of exposing my seventh grade boyhood, this movie is awesome. Even if it was a little far-fetched...

Before that, I ate my heart out at Andy's. For those of y'all not acquainted with popular Tyler establishments, Andy's serves up frozen custard, which I've found to be a fancy way of saying "dang tasty ice cream". Purists may say custard is custard and ice cream is ice cream, but I pride myself in not discriminating when it comes to frozen treats (except, Blizzard > McFlurry >>>>>>>> Sonic Blast). I felt a Thin Mint concrete made with chocolate was a worthy reward after my TWO dentist appointments this morning. TWO. Cute story, as we were sitting on the Andy's sign battling the wind to eat our ice cream, (at four on a Thursday afternoon, mind you), we were mooned from a car on the Loop. Real nice. Before my dentist appointments, my mom and I got pedicures. Mine was lovely until polish was applied to 200% of the surface area of my toes actually taken up by toenails. Regardless of whether or not that statement makes any sense, which it does in my post-John-Carter-from-Mars-high, I've been peeling nail polish off of places it doesn't belong on my toes all day. To sum everything up, I started off the morning by spilling an entire mug of hot tea on my floor. This sounds like a bad thing, until one realizes that I was having breakfast in bed, which is always a good thing, and there was huge, inherent potential for spilling the entire mug of hot tea either in my bed or down my front. The floor is a great alternative.

Last night, I got a three piece lady suit for thirty dollars. Come at me, career fairs. I also attended a Bible study where my presence dropped the average age of attendance by at least 30 years. I did the math twice, just to make sure. Andrea Trent sat in my direct line of vision of The Guy Who Looks Like Kevin Bacon. Vader no! My life is a struggle. (Aside, I'm trying to make the term "Vader no!" commonplace in today's vernacular. Insert it whenever a situation is deserving of an unnecessary, yet emphatic cry of distress.)

This girl did get some much needed Whataburger for dinner and some prime visiting time with good friends, too. The night before, we started Downton Abbey, thawed some birthday cake, and I swung by El Lugar after getting my hairs cut. My big kick-off to spring break week was on Monday night, when I extravagantly purchased books from Barnes and Noble NOT in the Barnes and Noble Classics Collection. It's sort of a rule of mine only to buy classics at Barnes and Noble because, let's face it, they're better and cheaper. But I used the break and my Christmas gift card as an excuse to go a little hog wild. Sunday was driving day, and Saturday night was Avett Brothers concert night. Sister loves her concerts.

So far, that has been my dauntingly exciting spring break. Are you not entertained? I have established at least one thing from my experiences this week: I will make an amazing empty-nester.

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  1. Anonymous21.3.15

    I giggled when I saw the words "Cute story".
    As in Chareth Cutestory: Maritime Lawyer.

    If that doesn't make any sense, then I recommend you watch Arrested Development (up to Season 3; 4 was not good).