01 November 2012

Molly Cook, Novelist

So, it's been November for about 16 and a half hours. Which means I have been a novelist for about 16 and a half hours...with 445 words to show for it. I'm supposed to have 1,667 words by tonight, based on the NaNoWriMo email I got a couple of days ago. I guess there won't be any NaNoWriMo police knocking down my door if I don't write the 1,667 words today, but still.

My 445 words so far are about a girl going to a coffee shop. Sounds intriguing, I know. But I'm thinking of making this coffee shop a sort of holding place in an author's head for possible characters, and this girl stumbles across it and befriends one of the "regulars" there, who is in fact a made up figment of this author's imagination. So one day the character disappears from the coffee shop because he's been plucked from the holding bin and put into one of the author's works and the girl goes on an adventure (or what have you) to go and find him/rescue him/whatever. Insert shrug and "I don't know" noise. Give me ideas and input, I beg of you, interwebz! I figured it would be best to write about things I know about, like being a girl. And books. And...going to coffee shops? "I don't know" noise once more. Is this lame? Seriously, y'all, help.

Based on the previous paragraph, target audience would probably be nerdy middle school girls. The "Future Mollys", if you will. So maybe I should add some dragons...

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm currently falling into the category of your target audience of middle schoolers. Aka please write this book. (Especially since it won't be long before my nieces will be in middle school, and they need something to read other than the junk that's circulating these days.)