05 March 2013

Tuesday Tea: Daily Goings-On

Once again enjoying some Tuesday Tea with Kerry

Warning: the recapitulation of my Tuesday goings-on might be entirely too exciting for some readers. Proceed with caution.

First off, I wake up bright and early because I have the sleeping habits of an elderly woman. But, hey, early to bed, early to rise makes Molly healthy, wealthy, and wise. I don't have class Tuesday mornings, and I validate staying under the covers with my laptop for company with the notion that any other college student would be using that time to sleep in so I can use it to aimlessly browse Pinterest if I darn well please. Except this morning I used it to work on an essay. After eating my customary breakfast of Greek yogurt and cereal, of course. My current cereal selection: Peanut Butter Cheerios supplemented with some homemade granola. I also have the breakfast habits of an elderly woman, meaning I've eaten this same breakfast (given cereal variation) almost every day for the past two years.

Eventually the time comes for me to transform from a hutt into a human, so I emerge from the heaps of blankets covering my feet and throw on some clothing. I brush my teeth because dental hygiene is important to me. I do other tasks to complete my morning regimen. I realize it's three minutes later than my scheduled departure time, which is still probably seven minutes earlier than the necessary departure time, but I have the timing habits of an elderly woman and like to give myself an enormous buffer when going places. Today is the American Nuclear Society meeting, so my first stop is Publix to pick up 2-liters. Now, here on the "Cola" aisle is where I face my first excitement of the day - should I get diet or regular? cherry or plain? root beer or dr. publix? I end up quickly choosing Cola, Root Beer, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch because time is running short for me to be five minutes early to my next destination. Next destination? Papa John's, where I tell the employee my name is Martin and pick up eight pies. I then drive back to campus and park Cal in one of her usual spots and walk to the meeting. This routine occurs every other week and, without bragging, I'd like to note just how awesome I've gotten at carrying 4 2-liters on my back and 8 pizzas in my arms all the way from Curran Parking Deck to the third floor of Boggs.

 At the meeting I take minutes per my secretarial duties. After the meeting I go work. Mainly on my essay, partially on some Marius valentines. My position in the CULC is cool at first, because I get to listen in on a lecture by Young Guru, Jay-Z's sound engineer or something. Then I realize that I have zero internet capabilities. At least my essay productivity increases. Class time rolls around, and during my reactor physics lecture I participate as an outspoken proponent of Team Crunchy in a gripping peanut butter competition on Twitter. We lose the competition, but I go back to my apartment after class and have a peanut butter sandwich for dinner (made with crunchy, of course), so I win life.

The rest of my Tuesday evening will involve a Target run, a blog post, a study sesh, and some homework. Please, contain your excitement at this fast-paced lifestyle I lead.

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