25 June 2013

morning musings

Sometimes I wish that my bags would pack themselves, that everyone woke up before 8 AM and the social world underwent a paradigm shift so that hanging out early in the morning was cooler than hanging out late at night, that I had a humanitarian visa instead of a tourist visa, that I had Madi Mackey-like mixCDing abilities, that cassette tapes were still the rage so that I could feel O.K. about using the more euphonious term of "mixtape", that Barnes and Noble could cut a sister a break on e-books, and that we could agree once and for all to use the serial comma.

Unrelated, how cool is this?! Albums were pirated on x-ray film during the 50s in the USSR. It's like the universe decided to combine three of my biggest interests (music, Russia, medical imaging) and call it a day.

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