12 April 2014


(This started as a comment on your most recent post, Madi, but then it got a little too lengthy so I'm putting it here. Know that this is for you, bb.)

"She was not a slowpoke grownup. She was a girl who could not wait. Life was so interesting she had to find out what happened next." Beverly Cleary

I subscribe to the Goodreads Quote of the Day mailing list, and it is quite possibly another one of my favorite reasons to wake up, breakfast obviously being the immediate favorite after praising the good Lord for another day. This morning I misread the quote so wonderfully that I'm taking it to heart even though it's completely wrong. In context, the quote is about Ramona Quimby and her resolve to be a kid vs. a slowpoke grownup. I read it instead as a delineation between slowpoke grownups and grownups. Like, as grownups we have the choice to be either slowpokes, bogged down in the grossness that is apartment hunting and paper writing and job having, or adventurers, curious about the world around us and continually anticipating the wonders of each day. I don't want to be a slowpoke grownup.

Bev was quoted today because it is her 98th birthday. Here's a big happy birthday shoutout from a girl who constantly bumped Ramona Quimby, Age 8 read by Stockard Channing cassettes on her Walkman.

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