22 April 2014


I started a new habit of not blogging, but I'm somewhat back to the illusion that the internet wants to hear about my day-to-day. Blogging just went out of me for awhile and I hope to get it back. (One of my very best friends was the biggest milk lover growing up, but one day she chose not to drink milk at a meal. When asked why, she responded that the milk just went out of her and when your parents are in a best friends club stories perpetuate. I can't say anything "went out of me" without thinking of that. Pumpkin Carving Canon.)

I graduate in less than two weeks. Can you say yikes. I'm not burdened by huge feelings of nostalgia or anything. I don't know if this is because a) I am coming back to the same old place for grad school, b) my college experience has not always been super duper, c) I haven't actually comprehended the whole graduation thing, d) I'm numbing myself so as not to feel the feels, or e) some combination of all of the above. I'm leaning towards e. I did find a soaking wet sketch of the Campanile on the ground near the Campanile and feel compelled to pick it up and hoard it, so that's a little nostalgic. Maybe. I thought about making some contrived metaphor about it, but nah.

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